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Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning

Green Rug Hampton was established 18 years ago as a family owned full rug care service.

Though we offer other services like upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning & water damage restoration our main expertise is taking care of handmade oriental area rugs.


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Every carpet cleaning job is unique. For that reason, the technician conducts a complete analysis of the carpet. Expert technicians use the highest quality equipment and technology in the industry. They have trained for the job and received certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Professionals have a unique process to correct pet odor and stain problems.

High-traffic and heavily soiled areas are noted. The process of wall-to-wall carpet cleaning begins by pre-treating the area to be cleaned. Pre-treating loosens soils embedded in the carpet. It neutralizes acids from drink spills, food, soils, and oils. The process includes color brighteners and fabric softeners to assist in restoring the carpet.

The cleaning specialist then uses the highly-effective, hot-water treatment to remove debris and ground-in dirt that may be invisible to the untrained eye. Water, between 220 and 240 degrees, is used to steam the carpet. Cleaning doubles for every 20-degree increase over 120 degrees. The temperature ensures the carpet is clean, and bacteria and germs are killed.
The hot-water extraction method injects a proprietary cleaning solution and soft, hot water deep into the carpet. An instrument is used to loosen and lift soil and dirt from the carpet, without brushing abrasively. The solutions used are child and pet-friendly, water-based, and biodegradable. Eco-friendly products keep the family, pets, and environment safe. No soapy residue remains. Dust mites, allergens, dirt and other microscopic pollutants are removed.

Drying Carpet

A powerful vacuum system extracts most moisture from the carpet. Ninety-five percent of the moisture is removed from the carpet with a suction technique. It will be slightly damp to the touch. Faster drying time is the result. Drying, typically, takes two to four hours. It can be accelerated by using air conditioning or fans. The type of carpet is a factor in the drying time.

If there is a danger of color bleeds, protective padding is put in place after extracting moisture. Protective pads should remain in place until the carpet is completely dry to avoid the possibility of color transfer. Exercise caution when leaving a damp carpeted area to prevent slipping.

The Most Frequent Rug Cleaning Problem

Severe cases of pet urine problems penetrate into the cushion of the carpet and subfloor. There are several treatment levels to resolve the problem. They range from applying specialized deodorizers to removing and replacing the carpet. Technicians also seal the subfloor. The technician will provide treatment that solves the problem and fits a budget.
The disinfectant used by the experts contains a biocidal agent directed at fungi and bacteria that cause odor. It is applied with a specialized procedure that goes deep into carpet fibers. After being cleaned and sanitized, carpet fibers are softer and last longer.

Professional carpet cleaners provide a hassle-free, convenient, and quick service. The home is back to normal quickly. Furniture is returned to its original position. The service is part of the high-quality standards of carpet care. Customers experience new home freshness and the knowledge that the carpet is as clean as it can be.

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