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Rug Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Green Rug Hampton was established 18 years ago as a family owned full rug care service.

Though we offer other services like upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning & water damage restoration our main expertise is taking care of handmade oriental area rugs.


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Expert Rug Pet Stain & Odor Removal in the Hamptons

Pet urine can damage, weaken, or break the fibers of rugs. Too often, people think the solution is to blot it up and spray with a deodorizer. Odor problems and major discoloration result. There is a solution to the problem.

Stains leave an unpleasant odor and become permanent if not treated at once. Solutions and sprays should be analyzed carefully before using them. Rugs frequently end up in the care of a professional when these products have caused discoloration problems. The chemicals change the pH of rug dyes.

Steps to Take to Prevent Damage

1.Blot damp areas when urine is detected. Use white paper towels.

2.A solution made of ¼ teaspoon dishwashing soap, having no lanolin or bleach, and a cup of lukewarm water should be applied. Do not use laundry or automatic dishwashing detergent.

3.Use a paper towel to absorb the moisture. Rinse with warm water. Repeat the detergent application.

4.Continue to rinse and blot with the water and detergent solution until there is no transfer to the towel or improvement to the area.

5.Apply a solution made from two cups water and a cup of white vinegar. Blot dry.

6.Apply a layer of paper toweling, a half-inch thick, to the affected area. Place a non-fading, flat, heavy object on the toweling to weigh it down.

7.Change the paper towel often, until the rug is completely dry.

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Professional Cleaning and Odor Removal

Pet stains occur when pets mark their territory as a form of domination. They continue to mark the area as long as they smell scents from their original marking or the marking of another pet. Professionals take the following steps to remove pet stains and odors from a rug.

1.The rug is soaked face down, for 24 hours in a bath. Placing the rug face down prevents bleeding from the rug. If the rug should bleed, being face down prevents the bleeding from spreading to other areas of the rug. This process is also the best method to extract stains.

2.The bath is drained, and the rug is washed and placed in a drying room for six hours.

3.When the rug is completely dry, it is examined to ensure all odors and stains have been removed.

If the standard stain removal is unsuccessful, extra steps are taken. An enzyme-detergent, which kills bacteria in pet stains, is sprayed on the rug. It is allowed to sit for 48 hours. The original process is repeated. This added measure is usually successful in getting all the odors and stains out. At times, professionals will sun-dry rugs. That method of drying has been found to assist in the removal of certain pet stains. Bacteria and acid in pet stains sometimes cause discoloration. Experts have a color restoration process to use if discoloration occurs.

Prevention of Pet Stains

To prevent pet stains, researchers have found a trick that is extremely helpful. The pet has to lose interest in a spot to prevent territorial marking. A non-toxic spice such as black or white pepper seems to be to the dissatisfaction of pets. Sprinkle some on the rug.

For the trick to work, the rug must be clean. It is recommended to have the rug cleaned before sprinkling with spice. Employ the trick for a few months and the pet eventually loses interest in marking that territory. Use white pepper on light colored rugs and black on dark rugs.

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